Guys what are some little things that you love in a girl?

very little things that we wouldn't think about


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  • I like watching a girl pull her hair back into a pony tail. Also like when she lets her hair down lol. I like when a girls hair is soft and smells good. I like when cuddling with a girl she puts her hand on my chest. I like when a girl pushes her hair over her ear when it's in her face. I like how girls can't keep their mouths closed when putting on eye liner lol. I like when your cuddling and a girl is cold and she snuggles up closer to me.There's some others that I can't think of right now too.

    • sounds like your a hair person lol jw do you think hair that's like 2in below shoulders is 2 short?

    • lol yea. I'm kinda big hair fan. And no I think that's a good length. As long as I can run my hands through it I'm happy. I guess shoulder length or maybe an inch shorter would be the shortest I like.

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  • Something small? A smile. Almost all females are better looking with a smile on her face.

    Something not so small? Intelligence. Stupid women are entirely uninteresting.

  • The sound of her voice. I love a woman that's passionate about making music.

  • Yes there are some general things.

    1. Modesty- you don't know how much that really means to an actually mature guy.

    2. Confidence- When a girl believes in herself, guys flock to her. Believe it or not, guys LOVE it when a girl is assertive enough to ask them on a date!

    3. Brains- If you're not so smart, Guys usually don't show much interest. We largely value the smarts in girls.

    The little things that we secretly love that most girls don't know about.

    1. Little Smiles- These are so cute and set guys on fire!

    2. Teasing- Guys like to be teased by girls. It shows us we are actually an interest.

    3. Wearing Blue- for some reason when girls throw on this color, guys are immediately attracted. Blue makes girls stand out in a guys mind. I don't know why but most guys prefer blue.

    4. Hair- Nothing screams out to a guy more than a girl's hair style.

  • When she looks at me and then looks down as if she's shy.

    When she's getting ready and looking in the mirror and making various poses.

    I'm sure there's more.


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