Dinner with a side of cold sores?

I have to go to a birthday dinner for my boyfriend's mom with him and his mom and her friends tomorrow...I know you aren't supposed to wear makeup while you have them because you run the risk of infecting your makeup, but should I let it all hang out at a DINNER? Or should I wear a bandaid on my friggin' lip while I eat?

I'm the only one who has them right now, magically, he doesn't have any and I'm stuck with a huge cluster on my bottom lip.

We're having tacos...not the cleanest thing to eat. FML. HELP!


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  • For starters,does he have herpes as well?I just wanted to know...not trying to be rude or anything. So the cold sore...i would suggest putting makeup on it because it is not the most pleasant thing to look at...especially while eating even though it's common.I would recommend using disposable sponges or qtips to apply the makeup so you don't infect the rest of your makeup. Wearing a ban aid would probably bring more attention than using cover up.If you do use a bandaid,make sure it's Hello Kitty.:)

    • No, he doesn't have herpes.

      I went to the dinner and wound up not wearing anything on it. People really didn't seem to care. I'm pretty sure I got lucky that his family likes me and that most people had at least one drink in their system.

    • Oh yay!Im glad things went well!:)

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