Guys: long hair or short hair?

Do you like girls with long or short hair better? Why?
What about hair about 2 inches Longer than the shoulders? Is that considered long or short?


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  • To me nothing can make a girl more attractive than long beautiful hair. The longer it is the better. When I see a girl with really long hair down to her waist I lose all cognitive abilities as I stare in awe at the sight of the beauty before me.

    Besides, girls with short hair look like little boys.


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  • Shoulder length. So medium? Or is that short?

    • Short hair is usually considered above the shoulders. I have shoulder length hair and the girl that does my hair considers it medium length. I feel left out, because my category is not up there lol:(

  • mid back

    • how do you give a downie to mid back hair. wtf? and about your update. umm, sure I suppose. id have to see what that looks like

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