I have a naturally tanned complexion and I want a Selena Gomez complexion - how do I get it naturally?

I'm mulatto and I admire the pale looking complexion, mainly because I wear a lot of dark red lipstick and love the way red lipstick looks against a pale complexion, but I have a tanned complexion naturally and I find it quite hard to get the complexion that I want.

Does anyone know how I can get to my desired complexion naturally without any skin bleaching creams?


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  • The skin you are born with is the skin you are born with. You should take advantage of it. :) But if you really want a paler complexion then you should use a foundation color that is a shade lighter then your skin tone or a powder that is not quite the same shade as your foundation. But it might make you look chalky. Another option is using highlighters mixed into your foundation to brighten your skin rather than make it lighter. I personally love how tan skin looks with a glow and bright lip. :)


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