Been 4 weeks no contact and she has clothes and money of way to get back?

She dumped me after a few months ...was waiting to see if NC and giving her the time she "needed" might bring her back but don't think it's happening.

She has only a few articles of clothing of mine but she also had me buy her something online and it was said I would be paid back. ($100 worth) ...I make good money, but it's still mine and I don't want to be walked over after being dumped but I also don't want to come across as being an ass for asking for this stuff back that's mine. What's the best way? We work at the same company but don't often see each other.

Whats the most respectful method and way of telling her I need to get this stuff back since it's over?
...without seeming like an @$$ ...I think I know her personality type she is very materialistic and gets everything she wants so she probably doesn't think she owes me the $.


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  • just let it go. it's not much and can easily be replaced. be the adult


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  • send her a message & ask to arrange a time to pick up your belongings "hey, just wanted to see if there was a time within the next____ so I couldn't pick up my clothes and money. When is a good time for you"


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