Would you enjoy this meal for Valentines Day?

This is a Valentine's day meal I am preparing for my boyfriend and family. Does this sound appetizing or a will they eat it out of pity?

I also made them each a bag of home made chocolates of a variety to take home.

Did I go overboard or did I do great?

first- Pepperoni poppers (Pepperoni mixed with cream cheese stuffed in croissants) and a light italian salad (dressed in zestie dressing and garlic cheese croutons and cheese with bacon bits if wanted)

Second- Pan seared marinated steak with garlic mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables.

Third- Oreo truffles covered in milk chocolate served with vanilla ice cream.


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  • That sounds pretty good and I'm a really picky eater. So the fact that none of what you said sounds gross is a good job. lol


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  • That all sounds yummy, I'm sure they will all appreciate and love it. Even if the food doesn't come out tasting amazing, they will still love all the effort you put into it

  • oooo that sounds really nice! I'm sure theyll all appreciate it :)

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