Her and her friend call me every weekend, I'm not sure why?

There's this girl who goes to my school but isn't in any of my classes. We text a lot. I used to text her first all the time and recently I've realized I've made her out to be a bigger deal than need be. So if I don't text her within like 3 days she'll text me. last week we were on a texting stint because I kinda changed my texting style, Not changing me but just how I present myself. She seemed really interested until one day I texted and she didn't reply. I haven't since and she and her friend called me last night doing their weekly "Prank" phonecalls.

Like clockwork for the past month they call me on the weekends around like 10 (They're goody two shoes girls who go to bed early).

I told the girl I liked her like a month or two ago and she liked me back but then she wasn't sure so nothing happened. I'm thinking she's indecisive about liking me or her friend likes me.

Should I consider thinking about someone else or try and help to make up her mind?


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  • Try moving on, this may get her attention and if she really does like you it may not take long for her to figure it out.


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