What kind of bra to wear under a tank top?

I always feels that my wife does not know anything about this and I feel it so unsexy. She always wears those regular skin color bra's that do not go with all colors and then, they show up coming out of the tank top in ways that looks awful. But I don't know what other girls wear. Every girl I see around, they look so sexy in those tank tops. Please help.


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  • there are bras designed to wear under teeshirts & such.

    if you want her to look [& probably feel] sexy,

    i'd look into something lacy.

    victorias secret has a lot of awesome bras.


    that's a lacy example.

    there are obviously a lot out there.

    i would go with her & see what she likes.

    bras make me feel good.

    they're fun to put on & take off..

    • Thanks for your input. I appreciate the link too. I have asked her to get lacy bras rather than those full cupped ones but she is kind of conservative in her mind. So she does not really understand. Your last 2 lines made me wish she was like you. :(

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    • I think it is a best answer as well.

    • d'aww. thanks guys!

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  • I usually wear whatever colour bra I have. As long as it doesn't show up through the tank top. I also wear ethier a strapless bra or I hook the two straps together on my back. (There are special things for that you can buy or some bras come with the attatchement) This way you can't see the straps.

  • I'm the same as your wife. I understand that the bra peaking out the top of the tank top isn't exactly "sexy" but seriously. A bra is a bra. They are freaking expensive and the pretty ones are usually not practical at all. Besides lace bras under tank tops show and you get this hideous lump boob thing going on...not cool.

    Besides...what is the point...you are going to stare at the thing a few seconds before it comes off. If you really like sexy bras so much why don't you find out your wifes size and go buy her some that are especially FOR the bedroom?

    • :) You almost seem as if you and my wife were in one place, you both would corner me and start firing those return questions at me. Well, we do need something to keep our testosterone going. If a wife is not going to be playful and sporting about it, the only outcome I see is frustration and more.

      As for buying myself, I am not comfortable going to such a shop and looking for the size and design etc. That is why I gave her a gift certificate so that she can go and get something.

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    • I'm not your wife, so I don't know what she is thinking. But at the same time, just because it is her own misconception doesn't mean you have no resposibility to prove it wrong. If you have been overly persistant then she probably did start to think you would only find her sexy if she put on sexy underwear. Which is why she probably hates it so much.

      Like I said, I'm not your wife so I'm just guessing here. Maybe you should drop it for awhile, make her feel sexy as is and then bring it up.

    • Hmmm... OK. I get your point.

  • Depending on how your wife is built that may have something to do with the types of bras she buys. Women who have larger cup sizes need more support so a cute lacy little thing isn't going to cut it.

    • You know what, apart from all the other issues she has, this is one she does have. So you are not off the mark at all. But a lot of it has to do with her mindset.

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    • No, I can't imagine wearing an undewire for sleeping. If she's uncomfortable without some sort of support, even in bed, maybe a sports bra but an underwire? You'd ruin the bra for one thing. If she's wearing it because she thinks she'll get out of shape without it rather than as a comfort thing... actually I read that wearing a bra all the time actually makes gravity have more of a drag later in life as the muscles/ligaments in the chest wall aren't having to work at all to support you.

    • Oh wow ! That is an absolute 180 deg to what she has been believing. I better ask (force) her to get educated on this.

  • Victoria's secret, Triumph, . . .

    Those seamless kinds.

    • Oh thank you ma'am. Even I have been looking at it in adverts and on the VS store from outside. However, I have not been able to convince her to get anthing that I like. So its a sad sad story.

  • I wear a white strapless bra and it looks fine underneath the tank top and if your gonna get her one get a really comfortable one

    • Thanks. I will keep the "comfort" idea in mind. However, if I want to force a surprize on her, how will I check the comfort part? hmmmm...

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    • Ok I will ask people bout that I'm gonna post it as a question so I can let you know ;)

    • Underwires are for support. Some women need them

  • black bras are goodd, or strapless

    • Thanks for the advice. Coe to think of it, black bras do turn me on too. Sometimes, just the thought there is a black bra underneath, makes it very exciting.

      BTW: is this your first comment on this site. Welcome to GaG.

  • A Demi Bra would go with a tank top in most cases. link there's a link for you to enjoy and buy a few for your wife.

    • link there's a link for you to buy a new wife.

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    • Well I hope you have fun with it ha ha best of luck though

    • Thanks again. That's what I am looking forward to. Only for my own fun. She is least bothered. :) :(

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  • Usually tank tops are made in such a way that they are good with not bra... but even if someone want to wear bras... seamless bras are good


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