How do you get permanently straight hair?

I have really curly hair like big rings but my boyfriend absolutely hates my hair & every other guy I've gone out with has hated my curly hair or curly hair in general! I really like it but I know I have to get it straightened and I would like to get it permanently straightened.what options are available?
I'm mixed by the way, so I have curly hair,big curls
I didn't ask if I should I asked for options
Stop telling me what to do! give me options or don't answer.I'm not dating any of you so idc what you like or dislike especially the girls


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  • Changing for a somebody else - BIG NO NO. I'm sure you have beautiful hair. And if YOU like it (please don't be offended) but everybody else can get screwed. I have heaps of friends with limp,straight hair that would kill to have your curls :)

    You can get your hair chemically straightened, it's not permanent as your hair will grow out curly (just like regrowth with colouring) but it lasts for quite a while and won't go frizzy when you wash it. Be careful though, as thesse chemicals will still damage you hair.

    If you decide to do this I really hope its for all the right reasons and that it's for you - not anybody else.


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  • That's terrible. If you like it then keep it who gives a sh*t what your "boyfriends" think. You shouldn't have to change yourself like that for the people you're with, they should accept everything about you. If you actually want to for your sake there are really terrible chemicals out there that fry the sh*t out of your hair and make it straight for a matter of months. There's also this new thing they came out with called the brazillian something or other. They basically take liquid keratin, (which is what your hair is made out of) put it in your hair and fuse it to your hair with an extremely hot iron so it basically stiffens each individual hair in a state of straightness. That's suppose to last for about 6 months, though I think it might have been made illegal by now on account of containing sixty times the amount of formaldehyde able to be healthily absorbed by the human body. Seriously though, you shouldn't have to change things like how you look for the sake of your significant other. If he really cares about you he should accept you no matter what state your hair is in.

    • Dude chill your sh*t out. You posted this question so every person who gives answers is given perfect rights to state their own opinion about the question and situation. You, as the question asker, have the obligation to accept every legitimate answer whether you agree with it and intend to take action suggested or not. It's a simple matter of respect for those who took the time to give an answer that wasn't bullsh*t or spam.

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    • I didn't have to read it to see it was a lecture. other answers weren't this long and they were true answers

    • So was mine. If you took the time to read it you would plainly see that I in fact do give suggestions on how to permanently straighten your hair.

  • Given that your hairs shape is determined by the shape of your follicles, I don't know that you actually can get your hair straightened permanently. Even if the hair you have now were straightened permanently, any new hair that grew in would still be curly.

    Besides, big curls are cute. If you like your hair don't try to permanently change it just because some guy doesn't like it.

  • I for 1 love girls with curls, I have nothing against straight hair, but I prefer curly, and so do a lot of ohers, your boyfrend doesn't know what he's missing

  • Straight is better, but you should keep it curly. This totally wouldn't have been my answer if it wasn't for all your updates XD

  • Sucks he hates it. Straight hair is so boring.

    • Well there's relaxing but I think that just makes it easier to straighten. Not a permanent solution.

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  • Japanese hair straightening.

    It's permanent and depending on your financial status, you could either see it as cheap or pricey.

    Only downside is, once you get it, you kind of have to keep getting touch ups because your roots may be curly but the actual hair super straight. And you can't color your hair.

    I thought about getting it but I'm going with the brazilian blowout.

    I wish I had straight, silky black hair rather than curly hair:/

    Everyone hates curly hair lmao

    • Thank you, I'll check that out

  • Don't get your hair straightened permanently. Straighten it daily until you leave your boyfriend or just dump him now and save the hair damage.


  • i can't believe you are going to change becuase a guy said he didn't like your hair. you said you like it, so keep it. and you can just buy a regular strainghtener and do it yourself instead of getting it done permanently

  • Honey, honestly if your boyfriend doesn't like your hair but you do, keep it please. I'm honestly jealous that you have natural big curls. I have to get my hair permed all the time to have curly hair and it's the small ones which I'm not a big fan of but I hate my hair straight. I bet it looks great too. Who cares what your boyfriend really thinks. If he loves you, he'll love everything and he wouldn't bring you down about your hair. If you really want to permanently straighten it, going to a professional hairdresser and they can give you options. I know there is a few, but it basically kills your hair.

    • You need to clam down. In my head, you're having a tantrum. I gave you my answer; go to a professional hairdresser. They will give you plenty of options. It kills your hair though, sometimes thins it out, and in some cases because I've seen it from my friends, it can make your hair fall out.

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