How do you keep your hair color from fading?

I've dyed my hair a couple times and I recently dyed it really dark. The first time I dyed it this color, it faded in a couple weeks so I had to re-dye it. Now I have that John Frieda brunette collection for my shampoo and conditioner and I'm always using heat protectant when I use heat products on my hair. Are there any other ways to prevent fading? Because I REALLY don't wanna be dyeing it every couple weeks


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  • there are different kinds of hair dye & they all wash out at separate paces.

    temporary- washes out very quickly, depending on if it's bleached first.


    demi-permanent- both semi & demi last longer,

    i'm guessing you've used on of those, it's what is normally used in a salon.

    permanent- this must be cut out or dyed over.

    to maintain the hair colour, you should use colour

    treated friendly shampoo & conditioner.

    Tresseme has a decent one & it's reasonably priced.

    my favorite brand is catwalk,

    it's TIGI & they have amazing shampoo & conditioner.

    if you google 'catwalk fashionista'

    it will come up with the products.

    they're a bit more expensive depending on your budget.

    also, the more you wash your hair,

    the quicker it will fade. stay clean though :)

    avoid the sun & pool

    both the rays of the sun & chlorine can bleach your hair,

    which means the color will fade faster.

    they have chlorine filters for the showers,

    to keep the chemical off your hair.


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