Why guys like girls who look innocent?

My friend isn't a drop-dead gorgeous, she's cute, natural and innocent looking. And ALL boys are crazy about her.

People tell me I'm cute and beautiful, (but when I'm with her) no-one is really interested in me. :/


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What Guys Said 1

  • Face it, she's more attractive compared to you.

    How the hell are you dressing? If she has the cute look, what do you have?

    Cute look beats the slut look anywhere, anytime, anyday.

    • does it? so would you rather have your girlfriend wear balerinas than high heels during sex for example? (apart from wearing nothing)

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    • Who said I was a slut? She more of a slut.. she has too may guys, she can't handle them all.

    • Just making sure. :)

What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe they are just into that innocent look. The innocent look is kinda hot when yu think about it. Its like taboo to have to much to do with a innocent girl. I guess the guys maybe subconsiously like the taboo or maybe they just find the innocent look appealing?


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