Do you look at a boy to see if he is staring at you?

Girls Do you look at a boy because to see if he is staring at you?


Do you look at a boy because you like him ?

Please answer in detail.

If you do both looking tell what circumstances do the first and when do second?


PS She is 16years old

When I stare at her she looks away


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  • when I look at a guy just want to know if he stare at me

    because when I like a guy I'm not totally stare at him because I feel awkward.. I don't want him to notice me that I'm staring at him..=)

  • When I look at a guy, sometimes I can feel his eyes on me so I so it to see if he really is looking at me - only really with guys I'm interested in. On the flip side, I may be off in my own little world and not even aware that I'm looking at someone.

    If you stare and she looks away, I look away because I'm afraid that it'll get more intense and I'll blush and everyone will see... so yeah hope that helps :P

    • Thanks you helped.

      Will girls look at a guy if she doesn't really like him?(To see if he is looking at me or not)

      If she is not interested then will she never look at him even she knows he is looking at her?

    • You're welcome :)

      Uhm, I won't generally look at a guy to see if he's looking at me if I'm not attracted to him in that way. I may look at him subconsciously the same way that I look at strangers passing me on the street.

      If she's not interested, she may look at him, but not with the purpose of demonstrating attraction... and I know that sometimes I AVOIDED looking at guys BECAUSE I liked them, so it's quite complicated lol

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