If a girl sent you a message on facebook saying that she thinks you're cute? Guys, how you would you feel if this happened?

There was this guy I had a class with first semester. I liked him pretty much since the beginning, and I feel that he may have been interested in me as well. We made eye contact (he never broke it) sometimes he would blush, and I would catch him looking at me on occasion. I was never brave enough to talk to him. We spoke a few times but never a real conversation.

Now that the class is over I still can't stop thinking about him.

Guys, how would you feel/react if a girl sent you a message on facebook saying that she thinks you're cute and regrets not talking when she had the chance? Keep in mind we don't really know each other...


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  • It would be cool, but only if he likes you back. If you don't feel comfortable telling him you like him, you can just message him and tell him that ud like to hang out with him, and then later on you can tell him you like him in person if you want to.


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  • If I was interested I probably would be happy and find time to talk to her. But if I wasn't interested I would think it's cute but weird at the same time and I wouldn't really know what to do.

  • i would love it if a girl sends me a message telling me I'm cute and if its a girl I think that's cute too I would send her one too.


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