How to get over years of bullying?

When I was in high school I was constantly being bullied about being "a loser" and fugly. All through 4 years of high school were hell in that regard, and I'm glad it's over, but now when I look in the mirror, I feel so ugly, I feel ugly and unspecial all the time. They picked on me becuase of my hair, my face, my small breasts, EVERYTHING. I know it's stupid, and that I shouldn't care about that anymore, but I'm just convinced I'm ugly... especially when I see pretty girls around me. Guys don't give much attention so I still feel like that ugly loser. Also, people and friends I've met later all have dating anecdotes from high school, except me.

I still feel like the ugly, loser kid. How do I overcome this? I'm so gross... and pathetic...


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  • I can sorta relate to the bullying in elementy and middle school. I moved to America in 3rd grade and I never made any friends. I got left our in everything and was made fun of to no end about being Canadian and stuttering and having a vocal tick. In gym class, the only reason I was even picked last for sports was because the teacher made them pick me. They even harassed me because of my last name, which is Street. In high school, I started to threaten the bullies (granted I have the size and muscle to back up my threats). As for you, the only thing I can think of is that the jackwagons that tormented you were probably insecure becaus of the way their lives were at home, and putting down people like you made them feel better. Terrible reason, I know, but that is true in a lot of cases.

    If it makes you feel any better, know that there are so many more people like you that went through the exact same thing that you have.

    Also, something that might make you feel better about your self is to eat a lot of friuts and veggies, drink more water and less soda. Even going for a 15 min. jog every day or every other day will have a strong impact on the way you feel about yourself.

    Good luck.


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  • No your not, Please stop calling your self that, Your not ugly, your not pathetic, No one in this world is, it all boils down to preference and taste. Now your not ugly because of your hair, physical features, style, etc, Only you can call yourself ugly. Your not a loser, you managed to endure that torture which was unnecessary by others but your still alive in one piece, not many people would of survived. Most people who suffered bullying for a long time either do drug, or commit suicide, You didn't. You persevered and fought through it =(. I'm sorry that there wasn't someone there to help you through it with you. Now Time to start saying your beautiful, Go in the mirror and say your beautiful, All women are Beautiful don't let any man or anyone else tell you different =)

  • the best way is to bully other people, try it, it feels good


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  • your not anyone of those things you just said... everyone is different in a good way and that's what makes us special.. and don't let anyone put you down always be confident and have your head up

  • You attract people by the amount of confidence you have, and it's pretty obvious you don't have much, which may be why guys aren't approaching you. Either way, it's terrible to feel ugly, and I have had many many moments where I felt like that myself, but let me tell you this, you're a woman and you're beautiful, despite what they say.

    From my experience High School kids tease mostly out of envy or jealousy, so don't let it get to you. If you want to feel beautiful, embody a particular style you like, maybe then you'll see it in yourself.


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