Can a guy be preppy without wearing preppy clothing?

I don't wear all of the preppy clothing "i have before though" Abercrombie, polo, north face, etc.

But I'm very athletic, good looking, healthy, and very physically fit.

I always hear that preppy guys are friendly and outgoing, confident, trying to make friends, smile and be polite no matter who they're speaking to or whatever the situation...and that is exactly my personality. But I'm not cocky or arrogant.

Can guys still be considered preppy when they have the good physical looks, good outgoing personality, friendly/ fun character, etc. but not wear the preppy clothing? I mean, I wear Buckle jeans and just regular shirts, but I don't wear major brand labels like polo, abercrombie, etc. Thanks for the answers!

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  • Preppy doesn't have to mean a sh*tty personality. They're also characterized by well to do families, actually going to prep schools, over achieving. I don't know if that applies to you. link

    When I think preppy I think of people who are really involved in school, on the student council, plays tennis, make good grades (All A's), dresses like everyone else (polo, buckle, abercrombie, aeropostale, or american eagle)

    • Yea, I forgot to add those traits. A preppy guy to me is a guy who has good looks, wears preppy clothing, are douche bags or they're cool/ friendly, are over achievers, has money, is athletic, Confident, makes good grades, etc. I guess I'm trying to talk about the ATHLETIC TYPE OF PREPPY GUYS.. NOT THE FANCY ONES.

    • For my school the majority of the stuff I said above still applies for that athletic preps too. You don't have to wear all that stuff to be a prep. It can be attitude, hobbies, and stuff like that.

    • Okay I gotcha. Thanks you!

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  • Just go to the polo website and you will see what the preppy look is. All it means is you like to dress nice and look good what's wrong with that? When people think of preppy they think of snobby, rich, elite,and stuck up.


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