What's the point of having a 6 pack when girls rarely even see it?

I have a good six pack, but girls don't even see it (unless I have my shirt off in the summer). I know it's good that I'm healthy but:

1) How do girls like abs so much when they rarely see them?

2) Does it matter when a guy has a good six pack, but it sticks out more when he flexes.

3) Is a toned, cut body with good abs a positive?

I'm not looking for an ego boost here, just want girls' opinions :)


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  • We may not see it,but some of us like to FEEL it.:) I don't care so much about a six pack,as long as that stomach is some what toned(because mine is)...no beer guts here! I don't think a six pack is entirely necessary though.

    • "I don't care so much about a six pack,as long as that stomach is some what toned"

      I co-sign this answer. A six-pack is overrated imo. I have a decently toned tummy but I'm not Mr.-Super-Ripped-Abs lol.

    • Yeah man,high five.:)

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  • If you own what you have and are confident about it... your fine.

    As for "rarely" seeing your abs though ... we see them in the bedroom. .. which is a pretty important time... just something to remember.

    You "rarely" see our breasts but isn't it important that they are nice (problem is we can't change them unless we have surgery... or a kid)

    You "rarely" see our ass but don't you want it nicely curved.

    I don't really care about muscle at all... in fact I'm a little turned off by big guys. Just got out of a bad relationship with a gym rat who looked in the mirror ever 3 reps. But just think from a perspective you can relate to. We have to put up with your penis (those things are pretty unattractive and require a lot of attention) so you might as well make the other parts look good lol. Plus... you gains can lose and gain weight 10 times more easily than we can... so it is a bit unattractive when the guy doesn't try at all when we usually have to maintain a good physique.

    Be healthy and stay relatively lean is my vote.

    • u can see breast outside of the shirt...abs don't pop out like they do

  • Haha idk.. And no. And yes, I'd say it's a positive.(:

  • its not a necessity, but definietly an added bonus ;)

  • well having abs just attracts girls more because, well its hot. and it doesn't matter how good it is as long as its a six pack I think its attractive as long as he's not like huge and bulky because I'm a small girl so that would be too big for me, and yes a toned cut body with good abs is definitly a positive!

    • ok. But do you expect guys to have abs that-look like they're flexing when they're relaxed. Or can it be a defined stomach until you flex?

    • well I don't like when he's too big but I don't mind either

What Guys Said 2

  • I hit the gym hard & rarely take my shirt off in public.

    I KNOW that they're there & that's all that counts

  • Most girls at school seem to like seeing and feeling abs. Guess it makes the work worthwhile..


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