Do you feel as though you will have to change your sense of style JUST because you are aging?

My personal style is usually loud,fun,colorful,rocker,skateboardish and cartoonish. I always say I like to LOOK like "CANDY".That's how I describe myself and my taste in clothing.

For those of you who have outlandish style,(Punks,Emos,Rockers etc),do you feel as though eventually you will have to tone down your sense of style just because you are getting older?Do you feel as though what you are wearing today will be inappropriate for 5 or even 10 years down the road?

***As for me,I am an artist and I believe in self expression.I will not change my personal style for ANYONE.


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  • No that would be silly. Although my style changes almost constantly, gradually. I feel I've got a more mature style now than I did, say, a year ago. Maybe it happens naturally? I don't think my style's too outlandish, its sort of, 1970s male underground and glam fashion meets todays Vogue female High-Fashion. And if I keep along that, it'll always be changing, but have a few staple elements. And that'll never have to change in spirit, but will at the same be always changing.

    I will not get old, however.

    • Yeah mate,i totally feel the same way.At my job most recently,i was repremanded because my hair is jet black,but I had a white blond streak in it.You would think I went into work with purple hair! I was incredibly agitated instantly hence me thinking of asking this. I don't appreciate when my sense of individuality is imposed upon by dried of lifeless cattle.(My coworkers.)We have the Peter Pan Syndrome! My goal in life is to be completely FREE.

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    • Sure mate,ive just never had a job whereas I had to conform to some lame sh*te like what they are giving me.And it's not even like I'm not doing my job!Im good at my job,but they would rather complain about a one inch white streak. :/ I just don't feel like conforming.Being a waiter is fun at times,not in restaurants though...too much pressure.But catering companies are the way to go...less stress. I will make my final dexision on that company fairllllyyyyy sooooon. :)

    • Hah, well I hope it goes well either way =]

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  • Yes, as we get older it starts to look silly to 'dress young.' My wife says I shold't wear speedos any more.. I mean I lookgood in them, but she says they are only for the young...I'm 31 now.

    • Oh...thats too bad marty,Thats too bad.I think you should should wear them if you look good in them.Im sure David Beckam wears speedos if he feels like it.(Ive no clue if he does...hes the first that came to mind AND he could pull it off.) :)

  • you change according to your energy, someone that dresses loud just for the sake of it is going to come off wrong, but if you have a wild energy then you'll get away with it, the main thing is to dress how you feel

  • Depends on how you want people to see you as you get older. For example if you have a guy who is 16-18 wearing an elmo shirt, ya it can be OK, it shows that they are young, but if your in your late 20s-30s wearing an elmo shirt you need to change your style, you look immature and no one will take you seriously.

    Your style should change with your age, otherwise you will look like one of those people who are in their 70s still trying to pull off abercrombie, yes we have all seen them, and yes we have all made fun of them, so unless you want to be one of those people, which it sounds like you will be one of them, then you need to change your style as you get older.

    • Thanks for your response :),I LOVE it when people hold on to their sense of self(incuding their style)when they get older.So that 70 year old whos rocking that abercrombie it!Ive never understood why people let them selves go as they age or feel they need to conform.But I guess for some folks...they want to be taken seriously on some level as you say.But I don't feel like I will be going down that road...sounds pretty lame.:)

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  • i think you should tone it down. you can still be colorful and fun and even goth or punk without looking like a 12 year old crying for attention. I grew up dressing "emo" and now I'm stil lyoung (16) but since I've started high school I've definitely toned it down. I still wear dark colours and I look unique but just because it's my style and when I see people that look like I did in middle school they just look immature and attention-whore-ish.

    • Nope...i don't have to conform to anyones opinion of clothing.AND you're 16...thats not too far fom 12.Not much of a difference at all.I think it's sad when folks conform to societies ideas of what's appropriate and what's not based on age.Granted,certain things are necessary to change,but other things not so much.If you hoose to judge people based on their clothing,thats just your decision.In most cases I could care less what anyone else thinks. I'd rather be a leader than a follower.Period.

  • You never HAVE to change your style. People change their style because they want to, it reflects how they feel at the time. The only time people HAVE to change is if they don't live in a free country or are forced to take an oppressive job or something like that.

    Anyways, I dress somewhat unusual, too, so I get what you mean. It kinda saddens me when I see people give up their creative style because they feel old and so forth.

    just be yourself and enjoy life, and those that mind don't matter and those that matter don't mind.


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