I like you letter, cute or cheesy?

i met this girl two semesters ago and I felt a connection right off the bat. we talked before,during and after class. we rode the same bus home so we even talked then. I know she at least thinks I'm cute cause she would get shy around me and I would catch her looking at me during class. I indirectly asked her if she had a boyfriend but maybe she didn't get the hint. towards the end of the semester tho she finally did tell me she had one. regrettably I kinda laid off. but one day on the bus I overheard a convo between her and her friend. her friend told her that I was cute and that "sometimes temptation is good". so my stop came and I turned to her and held direct eye contact and said my farewells and gave a smile. her face turned bright red.

that's the last time I saw her. she did tell me where she works. so I was wondering if it would be a good idea to write her a letter telling her how I feel about her and that even though I tried, I couldn't forget about her. I'll leave my number and/or email so she can respond but 'ill make it clear that she doesn't have to. what do you think ladies? cute or cheesy?


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  • There is a definite taste of too much cheese for me, but hey some girls might actually like it and their hearts would melt as soon as they read your letter (my best friend is like that.)

    Considering she is already seeing someone though a letter may be your best bet, that way you sort of toss the ball in her court without being a douche and walk away if she doesn't return it. But please, please, please don't tempt her to cheat - either she dumps the boy and comes to you or you walk away.

    ...Unless cuckoldry turns you on of course. >:D

    • ya the whole idea is to put the ball in her court. I could be lucky and maybe she's single tho. but if she still has a boyfriend I'll lay off. and who/what the hell is cuckoldry?

    • Cuckoldry is being turned on/having a thing for stealing girls from their boyfriends. ;) Look it up!

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