Have you ever been with an Athletic girl with no boobs?

Have you ever been with an Athletic girl with no boobs? Is it a turn off or turn on? How did you feel about it? (and I'm talking about like those gymnast in the Olympics where its like all muscle)

thanksssss if you respond! very well apreciated :)


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  • Girls who are athletic with no boobs are just fine with me, because athletic girls have great asses! Plus I like asses more than boobs anyway. I would rather date a girl with A-cups and a great ass rather than a girl with D-cups and a flat ass. Also I have noticed that athletic girls have the most beautiful vaginas and camel toes, and their labias are absolutely stunning! So if you have a geogeous vagina or camel toe of your own, then boobs are insignifiacnt.

    It's a 3 point scale; take the best 2 out of 3!

    But if a girl has a bad case of noassatall then she is no good. But just to make things clear, if a girl is 200+ pounds then she is no good even though she has generous curves and a nowhere near flat ass. I am not into dating whales, walruses, or cookie monsters!


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  • Haha give me an athletic girl with no boobs anyday! I'm pretty active myself and god is there nothing hotter than a girl in workout clothes! So yes girls with a small chest are more appealing than girls with large chest and average body!

  • it really depends on the guy, if he's for the boobs or for the ass

  • In some ways I wish I had. The two girls I have been with both had C-cup breast size. I've really wanted to date or be with a girl who had A-cups. Sexually, I get turned on by it.

    • Oh ok. thanks for answering! that's how I am.

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