Why won't girls look at me?

I look at pretty much every girl but no girl looks at me.


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  • Girls don't begin looking or watching a guy until he gives her REASON to. For example, if you look at a girl you don't even know she won't look back. Go talk to them, give them a reason to look at you.


What Guys Said 1

  • You just don't notice, good sir! And those who are interested and open enough to even partially initiate are rare. Do you smile at them? You can metacommunicate "Hey I sorta like you wanna have a conversation?" and things like that without saying anything. If you seem open and available and overall more positive than negative then your chances increase dramatically.

    • No, I just sort of ignore them except for glances in their direction and they aren't looking :/

    • Yeah, the issue is: What YOU present is what they see as a representation of you. Meaning, if you hide from them and ignore them and whatever, all they'll see is that you don't care about them! At all. That you are not interested. And in that case, there isn't really much for them to pick up on.

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