Stretchmarks on and around the thighs/hips?

Guys, what are your opinions about stretchmarks from weight gain?

It's a general question, but I'm PARTICULARLY wondering what you think about them on a thin girl.

I used to be fat, around 200lbs. and now I'm 110lbs. so needless to say, I have them. I've already tried making them fade and all that, but I think they're here to stay.

I can still wear short short during the summer without showing them, but it gets a little tricky when all I have on is a bathing suit or my underwear.

Should I just say eff it and be confident and not care, or should I try my best to cover them up?


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What Guys Said 1

  • dont care and love it! honestly. its awesome how you lost so much weight. its inspirational

    not girl can go and say they have achieved what you did. cause majority of the time girls are super skinny in the first place.

    so yeah. love it!

    • are you for real?

    • Biggus, what are you trying to say?

      Thank you xperience, that's nice of you to say, and I am proud.

What Girls Said 1

  • Seriously, don't worry about it. You lost all that weight and that's something you should be proud of. Think of them as 'battle scars'. ;]

    Plus, most girls have stretchmarks anyway, with or without a drastic weight gain or loss. Even if it were a case of a guy being like, 'Eww, she has stretchmarks' and not wanting to be with you because of it... To him I say, good luck finding a girl who DOESN'T have any, especially with that attitude.

    • That's true...but you know how we get about our bodies, every little thing to us is magnified by 10.

    • Lmao, oh I know. But you gotta keep that in mind. All those little details we notice and pick at about ourselves... they aren't even really noticed [or at least not cared about] by anyone else until they're pointed out. Even if you're insecure about it, act like you're not, because insecurity draws attention to itself, and confidence is attractive. Fake it till you feel it. =]

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