Are Khakis in "style"?

Khakis are my favorite thing to wear. I really don't like jean shorts or those colorful checkered ones that I see teens wear.

They usually extend past my knees, and they look like what Khakis are supposed to look like.

Are they "in? Are they good looking on a guy?


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  • i don't think they look awful if they are like these link

    but if they are like old guy ones, don't wear them, and its good to wear a variety so maybe invest in a few pairs of jean shorts

    • Yeah it's those kind...thank you for the advice.

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    • I know when to wear jeans as well don;t worry. It's just nice weather is all. I'm very much a spring and summer person.

    • lol that's good and me too :)

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  • If that's the way you roll then that's fine, but those are in style when the weather is warmer not in the middle of February.

    • It's in the upper sixties at the moment so Spring is right around the corner...That's why I'm asking.

      Thank you for your answer.

    • Sorry its just freezing cold where I live lol

    • It will most likely change as well, it is Oklahoma after all lo. I just like to wear them when I get the chance.

  • khakis are always in...go for it.:)


What Guys Said 1

  • They are OK. Not in or out.


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