So girls is he asking me to marry him or what?

What time of the year would you want it? Is he asking me to marry him or what? It all started when everyone started to ask us when we was getting married and that night he says to me so when and where and how would you like to be married , after I told him he went to his computer room and start to do some figuring on finances and he came back out and that's when he says here is our budget . He never did a budget before but after that he just stepped back and said nothing more about it. So girls is he asking me to marry him or what?

Guys you might be able to help also so answer if you can.


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  • yes, He is already planning the life after the wedding. You may have to ask him do you want to get married just to make sure.


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  • Ok in his eyes he is but in mine no! I mean he's telling you your getting married. So what id do is tell him I haven't planed anything for a wedding because I don't know who's getting married I mean this can't be for us because I don't have a ring and you haven't gotten down and asked me . That should do it

  • Sounds like he is,I mean he's already looking into how much ya got.Thats good so congrats on that,sounds like he's going to ask you soon at the rate he's going.