What do you wear clubbing for girls?

To go clubbing I wear small dress and thong with no bra. I don't mind low cut top either. What do you wear clubbing or to go out? is it low cut or short? What bra/ panties do you wear?


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  • wtf?!? how can you dance in a club when you're not wearing a bra? that HURTS.

    anyway, I wear whatever I feel like. sometimes tight jeans and a top, often a dress / skirt with tights.

    little heels are cool too if I feel like my feet aren't tired yet. otherwise ballerinas will do just as well.

    i ALWAYS make sure there's not too much skin, cleavage etc showing. because you know what? you can actually get a guy's attention with a decent outfit and having fun too ^^

    oh and pearl necklace / bracelet or earrings is a must.

    bottom line: sexy, but not cheap. (like tight clothes but not too revealing)

    • I am not too big with t*ts, so it is not a problem...

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    • got it right with the bottom line there! When I go clubbing with my friends, we just laugh at what some of the girls wear, tops which just cover their boobs and skirts which don't even cover all of their bum. NO class and it just looks tacky- and they get the wrong sort of attention. A girl doesn't have to dress slutty to look really nice and attractive!

    • yup I totally agree

  • Something skimpy with nothing on underneath.


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