What do guys like?

I know a guy probably wants a girl who keeps her hair done all the time, not too short, not too tall, tight, never sloppy, clean, smart, good attitude, sense of humor and knows how to make them laugh, nice shape, light skin, cute face, "brown influenced".

so I'm not trying to talk about my friend but she's really dark skinned, she has long hair, real long legs and a lot of boys say that she's ugly. BUT for some reason, boys would rather go with her than me? I don't understand. she has herself together and everything, but I'm getting there. I'm not exactly up there but I'm not exactly down there either. me and her both wear high priced stylish clothes, she's really childish and I'm very mature. I think of ways in the best way possible if you understand me. umm, I have more "Assets" than she does. my hair is longer than average. I have brown eyes. a little bit of acne but its going away. and I just think I am soo better than her but it seems that boys don't think that way.

why is this

also including that I don't lie as much as she does and I'm mixed [but not with black and white]
actually, I don't brag at all and I am the least bit selfish. I always put others before me. and this is what I think, its not something I go around saying. and I don't think I am absolutely better than her, I have flaws also.
& I set goals for myself & want to achieve them while she hides her emotions, acts like she doesn't care for anything, and is childish. I'm just as good enough to be with as her but boys would rather date her than me, which I don't understand.


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  • You say things such as "and I just think I am soo better than her.". That is destined to turn any guy off immediately. You sound snobby and selfish and aren't attracting anyone. Perhaps the guys are looking past the appearance and are going for personality. Also, bragging about your "high priced stylish clothes" isn't helping your situation.

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