What are some qualities that men look for in a women?

i want to know what men want in a woman physically and mentally. Serious answers only please


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  • Physically, she should be short,cute,in good shape, and have a nice smile. Mentally,she should be sane and be smart but not too smart.

    • Not too smart?! What does that even MEAN?!

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    • I didn't say "she better not." I said be smart but not too smart.

    • Okay, okay! We good?

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  • if what I want is a stable relationship, that is, a relationship that allows me to have someone you can trust, someone to share experiences, feelings and emotions, someone who truly loves me ... Well, in that case, I don't have any problem to know a girl as smart as I am.

    but if what I want is a relationship where it f***ing is the priority in that case, a girl "younger" than me would be ideal. (a stupid, childish, impulsive and emotional girl, would not be a big problem)

  • Trust, Common Sense, Humor, Easy going personality, Healthy, Nice smile

  • Level-headed and trustworthy.

    Those alone will leave out the majority of women, sadly.

  • Trustworthiness, open-mindedness

  • Girly, basically beautiful, feisty. Yeah.

  • I'd settle for a girl who was attracted to me, honest, and willing to at least buy me a valentine or take me to the movies every now and then. I've never been in a relationship where the girl really treated me right; I've always had to work my ass off to even meet girls, let along keep one. Would be nice to be liked for a change.

    • im sorry to hear that..you sound like a nice guy and you'll meet someone just watch

    • I'm 29, I quit trying. I can go to bars and have sex with girls I'm attracted to so that's enough. I'd like a relationship but it never seems to work. Women from my generation by and large are not relationship/marriage material.

    • The disconnect for my generation is this; men say a "manly man" has "honor, courage, and loyalty." Women say a "manly man" has "ambition, strength, and 'seeks conflict'". When they were asked whom they thought was the most 'manly' movie star, men picked guys like Gregory Peck and Bogart whereas women picked DiCaprio, Viggo, etc. In essence, the women all want sex figures and the men all want to be a 'man' in a classical sense. My generation is backwards lol.

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