Girls, Is there any part of the body where hair removal cream/lotion works great?

In other words, is it even a useful thing? Does anyone even use it?


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  • I use it for my upper lip because waxing is a pain (and you have to wait for it to grow out a certain length before you can wax again) and shaving is out of the question.

    I used to use it on my legs but it's just too much hassle to get it all over the legs and then wipe clean off. I tried it on my under arms once and had to hold my hands over my heads for a good ten minutes. Never tried that again.

    I know a lot of girls don't use it because they have sensitive skin and chemical hair removers can really wreck havoc on sensitive skin. Personally, I think it's only useful for small areas (i.e. upper lip) but no girl wants to admit to having to deal with hair on her upper lip. Which may be why you've never heard of anyone using it?


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  • Nope, it makes the hair grow back worse. I wax it hurts like a bitch, but it has the best results :)

  • The legs and arms maybe.

    • Hmm. I wonder why. I only asked when I saw that there are so many products of this type and there is so much advertisement. But I never heard anyone using it.

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    • Haha ! Hilarious ! But I understand what you mean.

      Hahaha ! Can't stop cracking up at the scene. You put it as a hair cream; next time you start combing your hair and you freak out at the sight of all hair getting pulled out by the comb / brush. Hehehehe.

    • Yes.How awful eh?I can see that scenario playing out as well. It's like I have to almost childproof my apt...but it's alllll just for me.I even wear mittens to bed so I don't scratch myself. I got the idea from my 7month old niece.

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