Stores or brands for hourglass figures?

I'm planning on going shopping in a nearby town this afternoon, and before I go, I'd love to have some clothes/shopping advice (not just advice for this afternoon, really isn't my strong suit, so advice for any time is appreciated):

I'm sick of looking like a frump or a cheap hooker simply because I can't find clothes that fit properly. The problem is, I can't seem to find any stores in my area who don't cater to the pencil thin stereotype. While some girls are built for those styles, I'm definitely not. Low rise pants make my hips look 2 miles wide, while anything high wasted looks like something my grandmother wore. Shirts that fit my bust just hang limply and make me look almost pregnant, while those that fit my waist either won't even go over my bust or cause me to "pop out", again making me look like a bus.

I realize that I could stand to lose some weight, but surely there are some stores that have clothes to fit me. There is about a 12-13 inch difference between my waist and my bust/hips, and I stand about 5'7-5'8.

Do any of you know of some stores where I might find something that fits, besides Torrid? (Nearest one is more than 2 hours away - darn gas prices.) Maybe even just some brands I might look into. I'd prefer something that wouldn't completely bankrupt me, considering I only make a student's salary (as in.part-time Wal-Mart). I've looked into the styles that might flatter my figure, but I have trouble figuring out what stores and brands would carry those styles.



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  • Try out some of the clothes from Victoria's Secret's website. I noticed a number of their clothes work out decently for hourglass figures. A lot of their tops and fancy wear are pretty affordable as well, and convenient because you can order them online and return with no shipping cost.

    • Thanks! I'm pretty hard to fit, but I'll look into it. I'm actually going to the mall again with a friend tomorrow, and there's a Victoria's Secret in there.

      Not to mention, I found an Elle tunic top at Kohl's when I went yesterday, and it actually looked REALLY good! SQUEE!!!!! Now I just have to get some jeans to go with it. I have some, but they're getting a little big on me since I lost some weight, and the baggy crotch look is NOT something I'm going for. Hmm, I need more shoes, too. lol

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