Are there any girls who don't find typical hot guys attractive?

Take for instance johnny depp, how many girls actually don't find him very attractive? Are there plenty? Or are girls pretty universal like guys when it comes to who's hot and who's not...


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  • i'm not really attracted to the "hot guys" they advertise in the media because they come across like pretty boys to me. I like more manly men and they don't show them in the media. most girls are really not universal in what we find attractive. in the group of 4 girls I hang out with we have different types, sometimes we overlap in what guys we find attractive sometimes not. but its not like we all like the same guy. johnny depp was sexy when he played jack sparrow but other than that he's cute but don't really appeal to me.

    i like basketball players for the most part. a lotta nba guys look good


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  • i think girls have a wider range.. I don't think jdepp is attractive outside of his role as jack sparrow.. and I don't find orlando bloom attractive outside of legolas. I mean I guess there are always the universal ones (cant think of any right now..) but I don't think there are as many that girls agree on

  • Me personally, I tend to go for the slightly nerdy guys with a great personality and a big smile :) but I can still appreciate a good looking guy, I just don't view him as anything other than that :)


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