In school (any grade) did you ever see the most beautiful girl ostracized by the other girls?

I've seen this in elementary and junior high, even high school to a degree (depending on how big the school population is.

You see the most beautiful girl, not stuck up nut just cool and a little shy, and all the "popular girls" basically alienate her and tease her so that she thinks she's ugly. It seemed like they were jealous and intimidated, and didn't want competition. Even the hot guys didn't ask her out, I guess they thought it was too much trouble since it's just one girl and a lot of other girls who weren't as hot were available.

I'm curious if you've seen this very under-reported/mentioned phenomenon. I read an anonymous quote , it went like this "the prettiest girls are the loneliest." I feel like there is something interesting about human nature,a total misconception. Actually it seems harder for good looing people to get ahead, a lot of haters it seems. I'm a psych major, so I'm just super observant and curious, because who can I talk to about this? S, tell me about what you've experienced or observed. What are your opinions?


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  • I knew the prettiest girl in high school. She was just naturally good looking and had a great relationship with her boyfriend. She was down to earth and really sweet, but all the jealous little bitches who wished they were half as pretty as she was would always terrorize her and talk sh*t. It was the saddest thing because she ended up getting out and taking online courses.

    • O my gosh, and no one stuck up for her? That's such a sad story. I hope she's okay.

    • It happened to me in all the schools I went to.I ended up dropping out and gave stupid excuses as "too much stress" but in reality I have too many haters:(

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  • I knew a couple girls in high school who thought they were the "most beautiful" and that people "hated" them because of it but that wasn't the case. They were just narcissistic and had massive inferiority complexes. "My life is hell/they all hate me/that guy won't talk to me/all because I'm beautiful." That kind of stuff, and it was all false.

    Also, they weren't really beautiful, they just spent tons of time in front of the mirror and reading fashion mags. They were decent looking, but then so were a lot of other girls, and those other girls were decent looking without all the baggage and princess problems.

    If guys won't talk to you, if all the girls hate and ridicule you, if the entire damned world is out to get you, it's not because you are "beautiful."

    Try being friendly towards others, even the ones who are giving you a hard time, and I bet things will change.

    • That is certainly true, but I wasn't addressing the girls who are demented and narcissistic.

      But thank you for your insight, but I don't know ahout your advice to me nice to people tat give you a hard time. Those people tend to take advantage of it and I would rather avoid those people in the nicest way possible of course ^_^

    • You have a point,but in my experience I was extremely nice to everybody that I ended up being a doormat,being bullied by other people.I wanted to be accepted by classmates but they kept rejecting me,it sucks.So I wonder if it could be due to my looks.

    • Yeah that's what my question is trying to get to the bottom of, is a beauty a curse? It's tough to tell and even harder to get an answer to. Thank you for your contribution Sakurabella.

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  • Yeah it's so sucky...Basically we're left to feel unwanted and unattractive and in the long term we're made to feel *PERHAPS* we weren't good-looking at all,PERHAPS it's all our arrogance that led us to imagine that we're beautiful:( It's all the not-as-beautiful-as-us people that get asked out,looked at the most!

    • This is exactly what I was looking for.

  • most really pretty girls are popular. I haven't seen this. the girls who get alienated and teased are just the weak girls that won't stick up for themselves and they probably don't have any friends. well at least it was like that at my school

    • Well what do you mean stick up for themselves? I mean when the crowd is against you, how do you fight back when you're only going t get crushed just yourself? Sounds like you went to a really tough school.

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    • Not true,it's average-looking plain janes or the fat ugly people that people like to hang around with.

    • pretty girls usually hang out with other pretty girls

  • Honestly "the prettiest girls are the loneliest" is probably an accurate quote because I'm stunning, I know, but am left lonely all the time. But as far as people being total "haters," I don't give anyone a reason to hate me. I'm nice to everyone, I'm polite to everyone and people love that. Of course I do have people unnecessarily hating me, but I'm still nice to them.

    • Wow even the haters get your niceness. Kudos to you. Man that sucks, well you sound pretty and really nice. I wish you the best.

    • Thank you, that is very sweet to say.

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