How to stop my hair from getting dry?

When I use head and shoulders shampoo, my hair gets dry and thin, how can I sop this? Will conditioner help? If so what conditioner should I use? And if conditioner won't help what will? Thank you for reading and I hope you try to help :)


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  • Conditioner definitely will help. Well salons have a lot of good products but I would try to look at just some store brands and try them first before spending a lot of money on salon products. Sorry I can't give you a good brand I don't use guy products :)

    • Hehe its fine, ill just look around the store, thanks for helping :)

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  • since you have short hair id say buy 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner or maybe get one of those hair treatments that you apply into the hair 20 minutes before taking a shower :)

    and to be honest with hair products I find any brand will do

    • I just noticed head and shoulders have conditioner so since I use the shampoo, ill probably use that, but ill look for the 2 in 1 product, thanks for the help :)

  • conditioners will definitely help try useing tresmme its a lot cheaper than salon brands and it works good :)


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