Girls, please describe your style?

Is it girly, cutesy, preppie, professional, chic, retro, crazy, vintage, punky, goth, emo, scene, or something else?

Feel free to add stores you usually shop at for clarification and pics if you have the energy ;D


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  • I like the gothic fashions. It's an interesting expression through clothes. I have lots of gloves, hats, jewelry, etc. that looks interesting. I like the dark edge to it. I shop wherever, I can find lots of gothy things in random stores.

    But it's more of a soft, romantic gothic style that I like rather than the traditional hardcore style.


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  • I don't have a style. I wear what fits, what's cheap and what I think looks good. But it has to be colourful. I hate bland colours.

  • combo of combo, retro, and cutesy

  • i don't even know how to describe it. I wear american eagle jeans and hoodies or t shirts a lot. and sneakers. but when I dress up I like cardigans and clothes from charlotte russe or banana republic. and I can't walk in heels so I have a ton of cute flats. and I love jewelry and buy most of mine on ebay or at antique stores so I have some pretty sweet stuff


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