What's your top 10 bucket list?

mine are:

1) explore hawaii

2) get a tattoo

3) read the harry potter series ( 1 down 6 more to go :P)

4) graduate high school and get into a university

5) do an extreme sport- paragliding and bungee jumping (even though I am so scared of heights, I love the thrill)

6) experience a sunset and sunrise and a solar eclipse

7) go backpacking at least to 10 different locations

8) ride a mechanical bull

9) take up photography!

10) see emma watson in a subway (or at least a look a like of her, by the way she does take the subway)


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1) See Dallol in Ethiopia

    2) Graduate with a M.D. or maybe a Ph.D.

    3) Get a tattoo - I agree on that one - I don't have one

    4) Get a second piercing

    5) Live in a country - like a farm

    6) Explore Lechuguilla Cave in New Mexico

    7) Get to finish the Dark-hunter novels and the Black Dagger Brotherhood Sword series with the hopes both authors fill finish the series before I die

    8) Experience a lunar and solar eclipse - I kept on missing it cause apparently I am on the other side of the country

    9) Travel to at least 30 different places

    10) See all the well-known wonders of the world

    11) Fall in love

    I know you said 10 but maybe I can reduce the tattoo and the piercing into one!

    • yeah same here but I don't want to get a huge tattoo. just a small meaningful one! are you in med school right now or in uni? and I always always miss the eclipses too cos I can't find the moon from where I stand.. and nah 11's good ahaha! I agree with 11 too.

    • no not yet - my stupid head decided to take a semester off - so here I am bored out of my head...and thanks!

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What Guys Said 4

  • 1) Fly an F-16

    2) A bike trip to the Himalayas

    3) Invent some thing (or at least patent something)

    4) Sky-dive

    5) Visit Sweden, Iceland, Netherlands and Estonia

    6) Have a threesome (FMF)

    7) Own a gun

    8) Design and build a robot which works

    9) Marry an Asian and have adorable mixed Asian kids :P

    10) Teach a dog how to talk, hahaha...

    • Sorry I meant to rate you up not down. My mouse slipped :(

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    • are you Asian yourself or your just into asians? :P

    • well, I'm an Indian (although India is in Asia, we're generally not referred to as Asians) and hell yeah I'm into Asian girls.

  • 1 become a canadian citizen

    2 invest in stocks

    3 buy a lake house

    4 go to europa

    5 learn another language

    6 go to ireland

    7 master the violin/ learn the 3rd movement of vivaldi's summer

    8 hopefully live together with the woman a hope to live together with( not marry)

    9 see the aurora boeralis

    8 sky dive, bumgee jump, base jump

    9 date a model or a east european girl(ukranian, hungarian, russian, ect)

    10 go to japan

  • 1) Explore Centralia, Pennsylvania

    2) Walk around a graveyard

    3) Go on a road trip

    4) Learn how to fence

    5) Donate money to an important cause

    6) Vacation in Ireland

    7) Marry my soul mate

    8) Run a marathon

    9) Visit Vermont

    10) Attend the winter Olympics

    Not in any particular order, though I'd like to complete 7 as soon as I can, then we can do both of our bucket lists.

  • Nothing really, I did everything I wanted.


What Girls Said 6

  • 1) save a life

    2) skydive

    3) attempt to climb mount everest

    4) race a random stranger on the highway

    5) hitchhike across America

    6) learn chinese

    7) visit haiti

    8) learn flamenco dancing

    9) run a marathon

    10) buy a house with a pool...I should probably learn to swim first

  • 1. Go skydiving

    2. Learn a musical instrument

    3. Learn how to be graceful somehow (since according to my friends "I'm so awkward it's painful to watch" :S)

    4. Get through high school with a score of around 80

    5. Travel around the world with a friend/s

    6. Take up ice skating

    7. Move out before 25

    8. Hold a pygmy marmoset :D

    9. Get a van and get all my friends to paint one thing each on the sides...then road trip.

    10.Never lose my sense of humour...specially when old and decrepit :)

  • 1) get my dream job

    2) get a black belt in a martial art.

    3) go to a japanese host bar and pay lots of cute guys to talk to me, preferably in English lol

    4) go backpacking across a continent with someone special; best friend or significant other

    5) learn a different language

    6) go to E3 or some other super massive games conference.

    7) meet Trent Reznor, or at least be within shouting distance ^^

    8) have the balls to go to one of those nudey hot springs

    9) have good sex with a guy that I like all night long. Literally... until the sun is up.

    10) definitively changing someones' life for the better. - its a vague one ^^;

    Out of your list I have done 4, 6 and 8.

    • why would you pay people to talk to you lol?

    • Because that's what you do at a host bar. Its like a girlie emotional version of a strip joint.

      I think it would be a good laugh ^^

    • ooohh ryt LMAO ahaaahhaha

  • 1. Do really well in my school Certificate

    2. Finish high school well and leaving on good terms

    3. Become a nurse

    4. Find my future boyfriend and give him my first kiss, get married to him

    5. Get a black belt in martial arts

    6. Get a good house

    7. Lose my virginity to my future boyfriend ( not anytime soon and kinda personal yeah I know)

    8. Tell @@@ how I feel about him in a couple of weeks <3

    9. Meet up with Jarrod as promised =)


    • i want to become a nurse too! who's jarrod? is it just a random name you want to meet or is it actually a real person in your life? :P

    • Jarrod is a boy who use to go to my school he was like my first ever real crush. We are like close close friends and we vowed that after high school we are to go out and have lunch and just catch up like old times.

    • aaawwee that's so sweet!

  • 1. Backpack around the world.

    2. Have my name in the credits of a feature film (I may actually complete this one this summer)

    3.Get published nationally.

    4. Live in a different country for a few years.

    5. Graduate college

    6. Fall in love

    7. Go to the Oscars

    8. Adopt a dog (that's just mine and not my family's)

    9. Learn to surf

    10. Learn to scuba dive

  • 1. travel the world

    2. Bungee jump, scuba dive or sky dive at least once in my life.

    3. Get a tattoo

    4. Go sailing

    5. Be in real snow for once

    6. Run a marathon

    7. Make amends/get closure with anyone in the past who meant something to me at one time or another

    8. Do something more significant than myself, giving back to others

    9. Learn to swim (have been afraid of water since a near drowning incident when I was a child)

    10. Find real love (cheesy but true) :)

    11. Learn to shoot a gun (I know its ten but I had an extra one ) -_-


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