Asian girls with colored contacts?

Just wondering if guys found this attractive or not. or do they just like the natural brown eyed Asian girl?

I'm Asian and I wear colored contacts. The Turquoise ones are my fav :) I get lots of compliments on them


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  • I prefer the Asian girls natural, but I like all of you so much that I don't let dyed hair or dyed eyes really bother me.

    I just assume having artificial eyes means it's OK to flirt with you openly. I know that's not true, but it's a good excuse.

    • Haha.... so having different colored eyes than ur natural color usually means that or something??

    • Yep, that's the way I interpret it...defying convention, looking it's OK to act Western around you.

      Sure it's an excuse partly but...

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  • I'd probably give a compliment on them. Sounds kinda cool.

  • I find them very sexy. I behaved inappropriately with a woman who owns a coffee shop who wears those, I found them so provocative.!

    Of course I find most Asian women attractive, even without that!


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  • I usually don't like unnatural looks, but there's an Asian girl at work who alternates between blue and green ones. I think it looks awesome. I wish there was a way to make me look that exotic and sexy.