Do girls find good looking hot guys intimidating?

Do you get more intimidated by good looking guys with great bodies?..Scared to approach these guys?

Do good looking girls find them less intimidating?

Explain. Thanks!


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  • yes because when you see a good looking guy with a good body it means that he takes care of himself and we get kinda worried that they expect the same type of body from us and so it gets kinda intimidating. and yes I would say that good looking girls do find them less intimidating (keep in mind "good looking" is of course, objective) because if they know they look good too, they are less nervous because they know they can get a whole slew of other guys anyways if this one doesn't work out

    • You just answered every detailed question I had sitting in my head. Thanks! I see what you mean. I'm a hansom guy and I have a pretty nice athletic build. What you said is completely true because now I recognize that In my everyday life at high school. Pretty girls (that know they are pretty) are less shy around me, and every other girl is shy around me. Sorry If I'm being objective.

    • glad I could help =)

      and don't apologize for being objective lol just means that everyones definition of "attractive" is different.

    • oh come on, you can't be that hot. not every unnattractive girl would have a crush on you, you might be imagining their nerves. better to have high self esteem than low self esteem, but be conscious not to get too full of yourself.

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  • yep.

  • sometimes I get like that.

  • I've been told that I'm an attractive girl, but I still find really good looking guys intimidating. It feels like they know they're good looking so it doesn't matter if you like them or not. I know there's this one guy who I think is so cute, but he has so many girls talking to him all the time that I don't even bother. All really good looking guys I know use their looks to their advantage to see how many girls they can get. I don't really want to be one of many.

    • I see what you mean. Yea put your guard up, honestly you don't know which guys are using their looks for the wrong reasons (getting girls). Just be careful who you sell your heart out to. Thanks for your answer!

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