What are the first things girls look for in guys?

I'm just wondering, but I really want to know so I can try to improve myself to be at least semi-attractive. Don't just list phisical things. What kind of other things are girls attracted to?


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  • Speaking for myself, all physical traits aside, a major important quality that can really,really draw me to a guy is his tenderness. I'm not talking about physical. Just a tender heart. For example, he might be seriously concerned for his friends. Would drop everything and be there for them in a heart beat. How he might come by and bring soup and sandwiches if one of his friends or family is sick at home. How he might pray with someone or offer encouragement. He might send a text out of the blue saying "I hope your week is better than the last and that God brings you everything you pray for." Just things like that. A man who is tender hearted and still very much a man is a very, very strong attractive quality to me. Sweet and tender. That can make up for anything that he lacks. A man may say that a girl's heart could win him over even if she's not a physical beauty. A man's way of being sweet and tender can make up for anything else above all.in my eyes. And I'll be honest, I've only come across one man like that in my life. If only men would stop trying to impress and be macho all the time!.Anyway, that's my answer. :)


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  • the first thing I look for is personality. I really think it's a turn off when guys use cheesy pickup lines, so avoid that. Us girls like guys who are fun to be with and talk to. we can understand that a guy can be shy at first but it's good to slowly open up. we can tell when a guy is trying too hard. basically what I find attractive is a guy who is relaxed, who isn't picky, fun to talk to and hang with, a guy who takes care of himself (that's a plus) and a guy who is confident. hope this helps! :)

  • For me the way a guy carries himself is what matters the most.A bit of sense of Humor is also good. To give a lasting impression, you need to learn the art of playing with words that are both impressive and intelligent. As the saying goes first impression is the last impression, the guy has to make sure he is dressed well. When you portray to be strong as well as sensitive, that works well.

  • Personality

  • Confidence.

    Not cocky.

    Good listener.


    Good eye contact.


    Tough yet vulerable.




    Good at holding a meaningful conversation.



    Clean/good hygeine.

    Non-grungy clothes.


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