Want to dye my hair in a year...but what color!? (Guy and Girl input please!)

So I want to dye my hair in a year but I don't know what color, or if I should leave it just natural. My profile pic was taken inside, but my skin tone is maybe a shade to a shade and a half lighter in natural light, and my eyes are a medium hazel (green and light brown). I want to have a different hair color but I am really not sure if I should. In another year all of my hair should be virgin hair (untouched by hair dye or chemicals), and any color I do should come out pretty close to what it should be. My hair is naturally the color it is now, and I am not sure if I should alter it.

My new pic was taken in natrual light about two weeks ago.


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  • i don't think you should go a lot lighter, but maybe add a little red to it. I would just get highlights though, I don't think I would completely dye it. unless you dye it darker, but it doesn't look like it can get much darker

    • Yeah my natrual hair is about maybe two shades away from jet black haha. If I do go lighter, its gonna be damaged reguardless. >_<

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