Any excellent tips on how to grow my HAIR Fast?

So,ive done everything under the sun to my hair.Currently,i want to to grow super long but I'm hoping to get at least an inch a month?Any tips ,advice or animal injections you can recommend?

Okay...maybe not the injections.
Oh currently taking Biotin in pill form.Does anyone have experience taking Biotin?


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  • my friend got preggo and said the prenatal vitamins are making her hair grow like crazy...not that I'm recommending that lol

    • Hmmm...i did hear about prenatal vitamins,however I am concerned about negatives that may be associated with it since I am not preggo. I will do some research on that though.Thanks.:)

    • like I said I'm not necessarily recommending it, but I don't know if there are any effects of taking them when you aren't pregnant

    • Thanks for your input,i went out and got some prenatal vitamins in addition to my biotin.Hopefully I get great results!:)

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  • Fertilizer!(jk) There is no way as far as I know to grow hair faster.

    • I love how easy it is to score 3pts on this site without giving real info Mr.! No worries though...youre my hero.:) Now,more about that fertilizer...

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    • I think folks answer questions for both of those reasons.Besides,i was just kidding...being facetious. My comment is more of a "making small talk,but thanks for answering" sort of response. I thought my "smiley face" got that across.Guess not. Anywho,more about that fertilizer...

    • It's hard to tell someones meaning and expression in a message.

  • inject yourself with warewolf blood and your freakin golden :D just be sure to carry some scissors or something lol


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  • protein. hair is made out of protein so make sure there is plenty of it in your diet. remember to trim off split ends too

  • biotin supplements will have your hair (all over) growing very quickly and thicker. with biotin and msm you have to drink a lot of water or else you will get big pimply cysts if you're not careful. biotin made all my body hair grow like a wolf tho

    and msm supplements may actually change the texture and make it looser and helps grow it fast too. I took biotin and my hair grew like weeds and I'm on msm now and my hair grows in very fast and wavy

    • Yeah,i heard that synopsis about ALL of your hair growing from the biotin and even about skin breaking out.But I don't think that happens to everyone.Ive been taking the prenatals and it doesn't seem like I can go wrong with that...thanks for the input.:)

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