Glances? (not the usual 'quickly look away' situation)

Ive known this guy for some time now (almost three years). I've always had some feelings for him, they have been on and off for some time but never completely gone. I guess you could say I'm attracted to him.

but I always catch him looking at me. Especially when I have my usual sweat short off. I have bigger hips and I smaller waist so I guess I really curvy. He dose it all the time though, regardless of that. And yes, at first he would just quickly glance away.

but here's the confusing part, I'm comfortable enough around him to acknowledged his staring, but not by smiling. We joke around all the time so I give him a creeped out face when he dose it.

Then he gives it right back. it almost as if he trying to say 'Ib wasn't looking at you don't feel so special' with his reaction.

But how can he give me that face so quickly!? I'm positive he's staring at me! If he wasn't then he would've give the face back!

its so very confusing! please help me!


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  • The first thing comes to mind is the creeped out face you flash him is sending him negative signs. The fact that he sends it right back is the most obvious defense for joking off the fact that he's caught. Trust me, he KNOWS he's busted.

    TRY SMILING! Let him know you like the attention and that you feel flattered for him admiring your beauty.

    Something NO MAN wants to feel like is a creeper...its a turn off, and undersirable. And that creeped out face is prob making him feel just like that. Smile damnit! Flash him those big pretty eyes I'm sure you have, crack him a smile, pop your hip out a little further and send him the message "Come and get it big boy." Then turn on your heel and walk up to another friend and start talking and joking with that person. If he's got a brain in his head you both will get what you want.

    All and all, men want there women to make them feel like men. Not creepers.


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