How would America handle Libya/Egypt style protests?

What would happen

We have history ie the 60s/70s where the country got pretty close to civil war in some ways.

Their are of course protest cultures in the west which act as a pressure valve. The abscence of these in parts of the east leads to the revolution when the protest line is trangressed.

Also in the abscence of a MAJOR (MAJOR!) issue, diversity divides people and ensures there is usually different groups and no consensus.

Lastly a wise man once said...revolutions are fed on hunger.

With material comforts, the revolution is pacified.
  • Same way they handled them in the 70s
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  • Us governement knows not to go too far because of democracyh and guns
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  • If no one went to work for two weeks the gov would buckle
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  • All out massacre
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  • Theyd shuffle the cards and pacify the idiots
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Attempt to pacify, but if it didn't work, things would probably get bloody.

    That said, it would take A LOT for Americans to protest on that scale, most are too complacent with the way things are, and if they did protest, they would be quite easily pacified.


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What Girls Said 1

  • Its not america's buisness ok

    • STFU illiterate. read the thread or f*** off. and it is americans business. but that's not the point. read the op.

    • I'm not illiterate, its just other countries hate America for trying to get involved in everything.

    • what the f*** are you talking about.









What Guys Said 3

  • They already do, mass propaganda and creature comforts... but in the end, if it's something truly bad going on, there's nothing they can do to stop it. They'd fall. Hell, it might happen in a few decades. Considering how corrupt and bought our politicians are from the corporations and rich elite... it's f***ing over our country and causing anger and tension> Right now Fox News is doing a good job of passing the blame onto "the liberals" and "democrats" but it's bullsht and the majority of the country knows it. Sure Fox News has a lot of viewers, but they are old f***tards. The moronic Baby Boomers who think they are entitled to everything, but no one else is. Their generation will be dying off soon, and then the Republicans and Fox News are f***ed. And a lot of our military is pretty mad at our government. Hell, I'm sure that if there was a revolution, the military would probably fall apart as most would be joining the revolutionaries considering their friends and families will be in that side. And friends/family matter more than the government and a job to most people.

    Still, I'm pretty sure the US won't come to out right true bloody revolt, will come to protests and then probably the government will be scared to make the changes those people want, just like in the 60s with Civil Rights and other issues in the past. Hell, our own founding fathers said the government should fear its people and the people must re-instill that fear from time to time.

  • It would depend on why the protests were happing in the first place, just saying because of a MAJOR issue doesn't help lol.

  • I think it's more likely that there'd be a civil war, before the populace actually united to stand against their government.

    • what like,between the north and south again. that would be cool,

      dixieeee land dixieeee lanndddd.


    • No, more like between the red and blue states.

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