Are small guys less attractive?

You always see girls checking out guys with mass to them but us small guys always seem overlooked. I'm lanky and narrow, and girls always look past me at some dude with an average build or above average build.
To be fair, I personally am not attracted to really skinny girls, so I'd say girls are the same way with guys like me :(
People my entire life have told me I need to eat more and that I should gain weight. My aunt used to complain to my parents when I was younger that I should start eating more because I'm never gonna get a girl otherwise. And guess what, it came true.
BTW I fit easily into a kids shirt and I'm 21... That is how small I am. For a friends wedding I went to get a tux and I had to settle with one slightly too big because the smallest one that the tux shop had was too big for me.


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  • Guys always overlook us bigger, chubby girls for the smaller, thinner girls. Just the way it is. If you wanna get looked at, you gotta work to be what the opposite sex finds desirable. I gotta lose weight, you gotta gain it.

    • I can't gain weight... I can eat like a horse and just fluctuate a few pounds. Then the next day I'm back to normal. You know what? I also have been to the gym busting my *** lifting weights only to just see my arms and pecs get toned, but no mass added. I'm sick of being a gangly lanky dude.

    • As long as you're trying, then you'll still have more muscle than just the regular gangly lanky dude. Keep up the hard work, and not every girl wants a guy with big muscles. I have gorgeous friends dating more skinny/emo looking guys. Don't give up hope, and remember that confidence is the biggest factor in attraction for women.

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  • Im not like attracted to really small guys personally

  • i LOVE skinny guys :)

    dont worry about it... some chick will come along :)

    • Are you sure? By skinny I don't mean your average skinny guy. I'm very narrow and have small shoulders and arms. I'm very lanky and short at the same time if that makes sense.

    • my boyfriend is the SAME way lol

      he feels how your feeling but I still love him no matter what :)

      you just need to find a girl who will love you for who you are and help you through it :)

  • dont listen to phoma she's ugly anyway. I looooveeee small guys! some of my friends don't get it, but they are so cute I date a lot of small guys=]=] good things come in small packages.


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