What's the deal with girls liking guys with sports cars?

So I'm wondering this cause I just happened to get a 2002 Pontiac Firebird a while back, I got it cause I love those type of cars, not so much to pick up girls, but, it got me thinking, what do girls really think of a guy driving a sports car? Some people think that he is 'compensating for something' (usually jealous guys lol) but others (the girls) find it attractive for a guy to drive one.


There's my car! I loves it! =)
On an unrelated note, I'm thinking of having some upgrades done to my car in the link, some new rims, tinted windows, and a custom paint job, something like yellow flames on the very bottom of the trim, only about 9-12 inches high. Any ideas? Paint, etc.


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  • Sigh. Sometimes the "Mars"/"Venus" concept is taken too literally. Step back and consider:

    First, ask yourself "What's the deal with guys liking sports cars?"

    You slide into the plush leather driver's seat and set that bad boy into gear. ZOOM along the freeway, slaloming between the cars at -- what, 90? my bad; I'll slow it down to 87. The wind laps at your hair, the wind stings your cheekbones as you take on ever turn. You get to your destination, turn off the ignition and take a moment to sigh contentedly and settle into your seat. For that little moment, life is good.

    Someone spots you, grinning like the cat who ate the canary, and wants that happiness. First thing they think of is "ZOOM" and the childish inclination to get that.

    They're attracted to the feeling of exhilaration associated with being in that type of car.



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  • You're car is nice, but I've never been attracted to any sports car really. If a guy wants to catch my attention with a car then he better have one of these 1) F-250,F-350,F-450 2) Escalade,

    Yukon, Suburban,Tahoe 3) Dodge Ram because I"ve always been a Huge sucker for trucks or a Harley-Davidson bike lol

    • Thanks, ya that makes sense, I never understood the whole 'liking guys with cool cars' thing from the start, good to know not everyone thinks that way

    • No problem lol but as I'm sure you already know, every girl's different so ...

    • oh of course

  • I'm sorry but I have to be honest here... I don't really think much of guys driving expensive sports cars. I feels as though they're accessorizing themselves to appear stronger, faster, richer. However, it is important to girls that guys drive a nice car.. and yours definitely is nice car.. but I don't see much more than that (ie: I don't really care about the car's make, model, type of engine, speed of acceleration.. etc)

    • how about cheap sports cars! lol... ya that one was only $7700. See, you make a good point, that's the way I'd feel if I was a girl, sporty fast cars mean nothing, its more about the person.

    • U think a.firebird is an expensive.sports car? Sigh...women

  • OMG its so hot:)

    • haha =) well thanks (if you meant it lol)

  • I don't really care that much about cars, but when a guy does anything that shows a good sense of style it's a turn on. Car, clothes, music, art -- it doesn't even have to be expensive.

  • lol, I love how you think your car is hot sh*t.

    anyway, if the girl is a car lover and knows a bit about cars, she'll be a bit ecstatic when she sees a guy who drives a nice car; it's already a sign of similar interests and plus, a nice car is a nice car. It's fun to look at, talk about, and possibly drive. Girls in general, though, are attracted to "sports cars" (hate that term by the way, groups the biggest pieces of crap with cars on the opposite side of the spectrum) because in a way, it subtly portrays the idea of 'danger' and speed, along with the fact that they're just fun. Also, I think it's a way to show off too; guys can have their trophy wives/girlfriends, and the same can always be said about girls. Even though some of them might not admit it, having a nice car is a plus since I'm sure they're enjoying themselves when they're in the passenger seat of a car that's fanf*ck!ngtastic, especially when all of these people are staring at them as they drive by. Some girls are into that type of attention. Others just like nice cars, and then some are simply car lovers. Oh yeah, and of course there are the girls that are only in it for the money. Certain cars give out the impression of a huge wallet.

    • wow, that was pretty rude. I never said I think my car is hot sh*t, I simply said its a sports car and I've liked the pontiac firebird since I was 12.

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  • Hate to break it to you, but a firebird is not the kind of sports car that will get a woman's attention, now if you had a Ferrari, or Lamborghini, then you will turn some heads but other than they women could care less.

    • lol Oh I'm aware of that, I'm a college student, its not like I can afford a ferrari. Still, its kinda nice having the car I wanted since childhood and the 2002 was the last year Pontiac made this car, maybe it'll become more valuable later. Oh and the other day I saw a red mustang driver honk and wave at another mustang driver, is it like a club or something? lol

  • They're fast, dangerous, fun, etc.,


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