Is he going to break my heart?

i have known this guy for like my whole life but we haven't ever like hung out before. he called me a couple weeks ago and told me that he's been thinking about me and that he might like me. we've been flirting and he calls me names like sweety pie and silly,but he also talks about other girls hanging out at his house. is a cheating type or is he trying to make me jealous?. I trust him but lately I just don't understand if he is sending me signals of somesort or if he has a lot of friends that are girls. to me it sounds like he is trying to make me jealous but I wouldn't know what goes on guy's minds. does he JUST want sex? none of those liks to that girls teach guys site please! thanks for reading through this long question!

this guy is really nice and sensitive. he's a good catch and everything was great until I asked him what he was doing and said hanging out with my friends and some girls. I was really surprised. I really like him but after this.idk . I know that guys don't want just sex but that's what some poeple are telling me. I have no problem with that but I don't want our relationship to be all about sex.


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  • Ok remember a guy who hangs out with a lot of girls as friends is getting caught up in something your not seeing. But its happend to me so ill tell you what goes on. There is one type og girl I know that hangs out with guys more then girls. And its usualy agirl that doesn't get along with other girls.its weird I have 5 girls I'm friends with and all 5 have a hard time making girl friends. I actualy asked my friend why this keeps happening. We think its because girls who don't get along with other girls somehow realate more to guys. This wasn't planned actualy I would prefer some girls who had friends cause then maybe they could introduce me.a.d I know girls don't like it if aguy crosses the friend line.but girls who don't get along with other girls are usualy less girly girl and more tom boyish. And although guys like girly girls. We have aharder time knowing what to talk about with them since everything they talk about usualy involves girl stuff like shopping and makeup and stuff. So I think if you looked a little closer you might realize these girls have women issues. It might just be a lack of trust nothing major. So he may not even realize he is making you jeolud. If agirl liked me and she saw me with some of my friend girls I would have no idea I was making her jeolus.


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  • The simplest way to deal with this situation is to set boundaries. If he really is a cheater or some sex fiend you can easily deal with that by not doing sexual things with him for weeks. You're in charge of how much access he has to your body. Also, the nature of relationships is that you can never really know what a person will do, but we try anyways because we're hoping for the best outcome.

    As for making you jealous, it's possible. I don't think I've met a guy who does that, but I wouldn't be surprised if there were.

    Also, by not giving too much up sexually, if the relationship does go sour, at least you haven't given up too much and don't have too much to regret, right?

  • He might just like you as a friend because if he is truly nice and sensitive (and wanted you as a girlfriend) I don't think he'd be putting this kind of pressure on you and saying he's hanging out with girls. He could be trying to make you jealous but if he was looking for a serious relationship I think he would want to be around you more. Since you've known him your whole life you should know a lot more about him and have a better chance of telling if he's actually interested in a serious relationship with you.


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