What do girls look for in a guy?

looks wise and personality


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  • Personality

    - sense of humor

    - down to earth ( I'm not a glamor girl )

    - humble,wise,respectful,honest

    - Chill but also loves to play

    -motivated, ambitious

    - generous

    - easy to get along with, patient

    - simplistic ( I'm not into fancy stuff )

    - great listener


    - Any skin color

    - Any hair type

    - Any height above 5'4

    - Any build ( not obese ) stocky is okay

    - full lips

    - clean look but not overdone. ( clothes that fit, no sagging or excessively tight pants! )

    Must be pleasing to my eye but not gorgeous. Not all that important to me


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  • the first thing I notice is eyes and smile! Nothing beats Ia killer smile :-). Hair type doesn't matter, eyecolor doesn't matter, skin color doesn't matter, it all depends on what fits the person. Personality... honest! funny, laid back, can be serious when needed, caring, easy to get along with.


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