Could this change in a girl be a coincidence?

OK, so I like one of my co-workers. I felt strong vibes that she liked me, even my friends at work would tell me to go for it, well I went and got rejected. After that our chats became awkward but little by little get got back to the way we used to talk, laugh, stare each other in the eyes, tease each other (those were the "signs" I saw before I asked her out), she tends to got shy around me, I especially like the way I can make her smile (a big wide smile) she looks at me and then looks down, she is just cute. On V-Day I decided to get her a rose and leave it on her windshield, no note or anything, just a rose. After that I noticed some behavior changes. She is still shy and I have to initiate most conversations but now she started wearing makeup a little blush and lip gloss here and there and changes her hairstyle a lot (whereas in the year and change that I've known her, she didn't wear any makeup, she is extremely cute so she doesn't need it, so something like blush tends to stand out) and she always wore her hair in a ponytail or in a bun, but now she is wearing it all down, straightens it and tries different styles (we did talk, just before Valentine's day, about her hair and how she said its extremely curly and how she is "too lazy" to straighten it and just after that, she started changing it). It is a small company and most guys there are either married or have a girlfriend (the ones she talks to without being shy anyway, as a matter of fact, she is only shy with me) so I'm sure that she knows the rose was from me, could all this be a big coincidence or she made these changes on purpose maybe to draw attention? Any opinions?


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  • This is tough but I'm going to try to help you out on this. She definitely likes the attention. It's not to say that you don't make her feel beautiful but the fact she doesn't know who left the rose makes her feel desired. That is what prompted her changes. She ONLY knows someone is noticing her. That's all she needs for now. If you ask her out again too quickly she could say no and go back to the ponytail and no make up feeling disappointed that it's not someone else. Sounds awful and I'm sorry but girls like mystery and fantasy and I'm sure right now even if she has a slight clue it was you she is imagining someone else. I would suggest to win her over you do random anonymous things until she starts to confide in you about these happenings. Become her confidant and then sweep her off her feet. Show her she was wrong about you and whatever reasons she rejected you in the first place. Then let her know just how much you really appreciate and admire everything about her and that the man of her dreams was you all along. It will take time but if I'm right it will be well worth it.

    • Yeah, she has never had a boyfriend so its kind of, I don't know, "cute" I guess its the word. Even her friends are surprised to see her all dolled up like that lol. Even if nothing happens, I think its nice to see her like that, especially after Valentine's day, just the fact the she is shy and now is going to those noticeable changes made it worth the anonymousity, even if she thinks its from somebody else, she knows what is like to be "desired". I don't think I'll ever tell her it was me :)

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