Why did he giggle, was I funny?

so yeah I have a friend who's very nice but he does look serious with the things he does, then when he's helping me with favors and other things, he would gives me smirks on his face and giving me excuses then telling me how he would do it in an easier way. then I would give him the look Hmm why are you so lazy..go and get it done.. :P and all when I ask for favors. but he will end up doing them, and he does a little more than I asked him to, frequently finding more info than I needed to for me for coursework and everything he may be just helping since he's helping me with the project. anyway why does he giggle, when I say something. he always look so happy. but he doesn't seem that happy normally when he's doing something else. and I don't know if I was funny or not when I asked him something. he would just giggle, and it was so cute.
and normally he wouldn really react much or talk a lot. but when I say something he would giggle. so it kinda freaks me out cos he looks as if he has no feelings then he would just suddenly giggle. was I funny?


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  • Honestly, I have no idea what the question is here and I don't understand what your trying to say.


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