I'm having trouble maintaining eye contact while speaking to girls.

seriously, before conversations I tell my self that eye contact is no problem. But when I start talking to a girl, and she is someone pretty/gorgeous , my eyes automatically LOOK down after 2 seconds of eye contact. than th e process repeats itself. eye contact, look down etc etc.

Any tips how to maintain the contact WITH OUT making her feel like I'm staring and glaring and creeping her?


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What Girls Said 1

  • When people chat you will naturally look away and around the room and back at them anyway, that's natural. If someone is constantly just looking at someone and doesn't look away when talking then it can look a little creepy and completely un-natural.

    A good tip to keep eye contact for longer than 2 seconds is to look at the spot in between her eyes and not into them (Until you start to feel more comfotable around her) To her it will look like your looking her in the eyes when infact your not.

    Good luck



What Guys Said 1

  • well looking down means your submitting to that person, you don't want to hold eye contact too long mabey 3-4 seconds any way, in fact where I live apperently 10 seconds+ is considered sexual harasment. if you can't keep the eye contact work on not looking down.


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