How do I flat iron my hair super straight?

I have a professional babyliis flat iron that's heats up to 450 degrees and a babyliss blow dryer ...My hair is naturally wavy and thick and kinda dry and dull...But my hair some how still doesn't get that super straight look .


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  • I would recommend using a heat styling product that helps protect your hair and that helps straighten it while you are using your flat iron.


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  • use a real iron my hair is really thick and has lots of waves I use a real iron to do my hair just spread your hair on the side of a bed and keep moving it on the hair , its not that bad for the hair , if you don't do it a lot it doesn't damage anything :D

  • You have to grab small amounts of your hair and pass the iron over it like 3 times. It can take about an hour.

    • yea, I think this would work, but your hair will get even more damaged by doing this.

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