The perfect man what would he be like?

Girls if you could build the perfect man...

how he acts,(with you,with friends,family, )

what he looks like( body type, hair, facial hair,)

sent (body odor, cologne ,)

his hobby ( sports, reading,)

if he likes kids, animals,art,


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  • This isn't really "perfect" because a lot of detail goes into that (what would he do in a tragic situation?- I'm not sure what I'd want him to do) and perfection, in the dictionary sense, doesn't exist.

    Anyway... I'd like him to be fine with cuddling, as I'm frequently cold and like human contact. He'd have to be respectful of me, my family, and my friends. Joking is good, but I'd like him to know when to be serious. As for looks, a little muscle, not a ton- not my thing- as for height, I don't know. He could be shorter than me, but I'm 5 foot so that's not likely. I don't typically like facial hair. Clean-shaven is best. I tend to go for brunettes, so I guess brunette. I'm okay with cologne if it smells good and is light. But I also just like the smell of guys after they get out of the shower (light soap smell, maybe hair product, and possibly even the sent of their deodorant). Hobbies- music definitely. I'd like him to be interested in his job, instead of just working in a cubical selling foot cream (still better than no job). Liking kids would be good. And I love animals, even though I don't do much with them now. I also really like art and photography so it would be nice if he appreciated those things too. I'm going anon because I just went on for about a page and a half... Anyway, he doesn't have to be like this, it's just what came to mind.


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  • He loves and respects me.

    Most of all, he sees ME when others just look.

    He should be a well balanced individual. I like him to be business on the outside, protective, brave, social, well bahaved, insightfull, comands respect. But on the inside I like a man who is imaginative, senstive, creative and seeking something truelly priceless in life. But I prefer when he is selective about showing the inside of himself, and knowing that I'm the only one who's allowed full access.

    Though he may not be the most edgy looking "hot guy", who I can be immune to totaly, there's something about him that unravels me. I guess, in one light he's cute, in another he's friendly, silly and funny, and when you catch him at a certain angle/mood/time he just oozes sex all without trying or intention. He's facinating to look at because he keeps changing because of that. I like expressive faces, kind eyes.

    Stuff he likes: everything, and appreciates eveything..has sense of ownership/stewardship towards life and things.

    You know when you catch a girl just in a different light and you've never realized before how trully stunning she was? like that.

    sorry I can't do serious specific physical details ( I believe they're not that important)

  • Funny, intelligent, outgoing and like to stay home at times to snuggle. Tall, muscular, affectionate, wonderful teeth, full head of hair, awesome family and friends, likes to dance and a total gentleman, respectful. he def needs to read the morning papers with me and loves animals. loves to kiss! I am dating him already going strong two years. :)

  • Till Lindemann from Rammstein = Perfect man for me :)

    Only thing I WOULD change is the fact that he has that cheater reputation. And his age.

  • honest, loyal, no games, sane, tolerant of other religious views including mine, accepting, respectful, appreciative, funny, not dumb

    not overweight, not too muscular, no body hair, stylish black hair, no facial hair, brown eyes, tan skin, height doesn't matter, cute face, nice smile, dresses nicely

    has a career that he's passionate about, so driven and ambitious. doesn't live with his parents, has a car, has no debt

    I think it's a Carolina Herrera blue scent that drives me wild.

    I like a man that drinks and is fun, goes to concerts and bars.

    doesn't like kids, likes cats and other animals, likes modern art/furniture/architecture

  • Hugh jackman or gerard butler

    • how do you know they're not total a-holes in private?

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    • so you are superficial , you wouldn't car if the guy beat you or treats you like sh*t, and cheats on you.

    • Lol it was a joke geez

  • Christian Cooke. Or maybe Sam Worthington (;

  • he's indescribable. that's how perfect he will be. all that would matter is that he loves me for me and I love him for him, and that's the perfection within the imperfections.

  • he would love me. the rest doesn't matter


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