Why do girls hold eye contact? What does it mean when a girl does this?

I put this is the flirting category but for all I know this may not even be flirting in the slightest.

Lately I have been noticing that girls have been looking/staring at me (don't know whether this is a good thing or bad thing) but they ALWAYS keep a straight face. Like on the train, or at uni or just when I'm at the mall I always see girl either looking or staring but they always keep a straight face. They don't smile but they don't give dirty looks either. They just hold eye contact and that's it. It's confusing to decide whether to approach them or not.


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  • when you walk by people or even just standing there you notice who's around you. doesn't mean we want you to approach. just people watching. stop overanalyzing

    • So you would be comfortable with a guy who just kept staring at you?

    • and the only reason I said something about approaching is because this has happened with quite a few attractive girls and I don't want to get the wrong impression.

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  • I'd say they are just looking. I know if I pass someone and make eye contact, it's just because I was passing them and made eye contact with them(not purposely). If I thought a guy was attractive and I wanted to let him know that I would smile or something, but I wouldn't keep a straight face and just stare.

  • Either you've captivated them with your extremely good looks, or they're just zoning out. It could go either way.


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